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Limited Time Left...

2008-08-07 18:11:13 by Tamadrum

With School just a week or two away... I'm gunna try to make all the music I can, while I can...

BlazingDragon and I will try to do another collab or two before we get swamped with marching band and things like that.

In the meantime here's a picture for you.

Limited Time Left...


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2008-08-25 22:34:15

Nice pic!

Dude, I'm jealous of how fast you put out music. You've already put up like 15 songs, and I only have 19. The thing is, I've had a profile here for WAY longer, lol.

I need to stop being lazy and compose something. *sigh*

Tamadrum responds:

Haha. XD I just HAVE to finish something when I start it... so that's how I get so many.

But Your stuff is better than mine. "Quality of Quanity" they say.


2008-08-27 09:35:08

happy birthday!

Tamadrum responds:

Thanks Man!


2008-08-27 22:33:59

Stop down-playing your ability all the time! That gets me angry. >:-(

Seriously though. :)

Tamadrum responds:

Blah. just be glad I was giving you a compliment.... :-D

And thats why I said it, to make you angry. >:-)


2008-09-04 16:29:19

School is sucking the life out of me. I haven't composed anything lately! Is it the same situation for you? :(

We really need to compose something soon.

Tamadrum responds:

I've been completely drained by school... I've had a few ideas, but I can't seem to finish anything. I hate it. :(

And yah, we do need to compose something.