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It's Blazing Dragon's BirthDay!!!

2008-12-01 22:16:25 by Tamadrum

It's his Birthday, so be sure to tell him so!

It's Blazing Dragon's BirthDay!!!


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2009-01-08 04:58:50

well well, its good to see your still being active, VERY active by the looks of it. and im just checking in to see how your doing. thus far i see your still perseuing your dream. grats on that, i envy you lol. well while im here i might as well go through your music. Hope you remember me/still want me to review.. well ill revew neway lol. ttyl :D

~dont look back on your life, and wonder 'if only'~

Tamadrum responds:

Lol... review away!

... :-( you forgot blaze's birthday...