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Entry #6

New Collab With BlazingDragon!! >:-D

2009-01-17 21:06:57 by Tamadrum

Our new collab is now on his profile under the title of "After the Rain".

This was also submitted to this month's MAC9

Here's the link: /204193

Enjoy Guys!


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2009-01-18 10:58:07

reviewed it :p

very good - and well done

I suppose collab'ing with your next door neighbour is alot easier than me and intero over msn xD

Good luck in MAC9
and let's see who get's a higher rank :p
(though mine probs won't get top ten! XDD)

Tamadrum responds:

I'm sure yours has a good chance!

Don't ever downplay yourself...


2009-08-08 13:18:48

Hurry and post some new music!

Tamadrum responds:

Oh my gosh i have! :)